Located in the Metro-New Orleans area, we are a frozen seafood wholesaler with over twenty years of experience.

Specializing in U.S.A domestic gulf shrimp, we carry a large variety of frozen seafood which includes Louisiana catfish fillets, crawfish tails and scallops to name a few.

We focus on quality by purchasing our seafood from Louisiana, the Gulf Coast Region and various U.S. suppliers. Over 90% of our product is from the Gulf of Mexico, however, we do carry some high grade imported frozen seafood. Overall, we take pride in our high quality products and exemplary service with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority.

We service the Louisiana Gulf Coast region.

Our team has a high level of knowledge because our sales representatives are taught to perform random quality control examinations on all of our products. For example, when we perform a quality control test on 60/70 peeled shrimp, we are looking for the following criteria:

1.) the Count-to ensure proper shrimp size
2.) the Size Consistency-to ensure each shrimp is similar in size
3.) the Weight-to make sure the packers are properly labeling the weight of the product.
4.) the Color- in order to properly classify the difference among brown, grey, or white shrimp so that our customers are well aware of what types of shrimp they will be receiving.
5.) the Firmness -in order to tell whether the shrimp were freshly frozen.

In the event that one of the criteria above is not met, the product is rejected and returned to the appropriate supplier. We must note that this rarely happens due to our strong, consistent relationships with our vendors.

We take pride on our timely and accurate delivery. Once an order is received by the sales person, the product will be delivered the next business day. If you are unhappy with our product or service for any reason, we will accept all returns as long as the product was not used, defrosted, or altered. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

We take pride in our high quality products and exemplary service with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority.

We stand 100% behind our products.

·If the product is labeled "product of U.S.A.," we guarantee the country's origin of the product.
· If the product is labeled at 50 pounds net weight, we guarantee the proper weight of the product.
· If the shrimp is labeled as "white" shrimp, we guarantee the color of the shrimp.

Many, BUT NOT ALL, imported shrimp and products are "short weight." The most common trick is the following:

Pay $3.00 per pound on a product that is normally 40 pounds per case. You pay $3.00 / lb x 40 lbs / case = $120 per case.

In reality, the product only weighs 35 pounds in the case but is improperly labeled "40 pounds." $120 / case divided by 35 pounds = $3.43 per pound.

In conclusion, you thought you were paying $3.00 per pound, but in reality, you were paying $3.43 per pound.

As previously mentioned, we perform quality control tests to ensure this type of product will not reach our customers.
As a wholesaler, we do not use excuses such as "we are unaware of this type of product because we do not pack these products. We just bought them from an importer or packer who cheated us."
That excuse is not acceptable at Daily Growth Company, and this unethical practice should not be tolerated by the seafood industry. Not knowing what you are purchasing shows the lack of knowledge of the product you are promoting.

We, at Daily Growth Company, have a high level of knowledge of our products and can answer any questions you may have.